Landscaping Trends that Will Never be Outdated

Use Your Local Landscaper to Find the Perfect Solution for Your Landscaping Problem.

Since the economic downturn, people are looking for less wasteful and more sustainable landscaping practices. In other words, homeowners want landscaping features that add value to their property, look amazing and don’t cost a fortune to install or maintain. As a reputable landscape contractor, we’ve seen and done many landscaping projects, so here are some ideas.

Go Native
People have discovered that native plants are the way to go when it comes to creating landscapes that look amazing even ten years from now. Additionally, using native plants helps you save money and time. What you should do is visit some of the properties in your Landscape Contractor in Sierra Vista AZneighborhood and see which plants and shrubs have stood the test of time. Another approach is to use the knowledge and experience of your local landscaper.

Lawns are hard to maintain – every homeowner knows that. Tasks such as weeding, mowing and seeding are time consuming and highly expensive. In order to cut back on cost, consider removing a portion of your lawn and create a more naturalized area instead. This will add beauty and uniqueness to your landscape, plus it will help you save money on landscaping services.

Water Conservation
There are two ways to conserve water in landscaping: using drought tolerant plants installing bioswales. The first option is obviously the easiest one, however, it doesn’t have to be the only one. Installing a bioswale in your yard will help you keep your favorite plants and still conserve water. For those of you who don’t know, boiswales are landscaping elements that are designed to collect water from a surface and concentrate it on a part of the landscape that needs it the most. Just make sure you hire a reputable landscape contractor for the job, otherwise you may do more damage to your landscape than good.

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